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Who we are

Caring, Integrity and Excellence

Thank you for your trust, friendship and business over the past 38 years. We have been blessed to be able to share our love of archery with all of you throughout the years and look forward to many more.

Caring, Integrity and Excellence are the values chosen as most important by our entire LAS staff, not empty words used by an advertising agency. Since 1983, we have constantly sought to improve and expand our service and selection in order to serve you beyond your expectations as we Lead the World in 3D and Target Archery. We have the largest selection of top quality 3D, Target, Bowhunting and Traditional Archery equipment in the world in stock and available to you immediately upon your call.

I would like to personally thank each of you for allowing us to serve your archery needs and for recommending us to others in archery. We take our responsibilities to you seriously as we look forward to helping you achieve your shooting or archery business goals. Each of us shares your love of archery, whether you enjoy Olympic Recurve, NFAA Field or Target Archery, Traditional, 3D Shoots, Bow Hunting or shooting for recreation. Our staff shoots every form of archery with a deep passion and love of the sport.

We are Archery TechXPerts™

Our TechXPerts™ (Technical Experts), are ready to exceed your expectations of what an archery distributor should do for you! With over 350 years of combined archery experience, our staff we will gladly answer your most technical or basic questions to give you peace of mind as we assist you in choosing the best archery equipment available for your unique needs. Rest assured that your business is appreciated by our staff of knowledgeable fellow archers who know and use the items we sell so you can trust that we can make sure that they are right for your type of shooting.

Did you ever wish you had a trusted Archery Technical Expert as your personal resource for answers when you needed it? YOU DO NOW! - Contact our Archery TechXPerts™ for accurate information and opinions based on experience.

Reputation Trusted Worldwide

Our trusted reputation for professional, fast, and courteous service is known worldwide. We evaluate, select, sell, and service only the finest quality archery products. Lancaster Archery Supply specializes in providing you with the newest innovations in Target and 3D Archery and now we’ve focused our expertise on Traditional Archery gear as we are the “Recurve Experts” in Target Archery.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing archery equipment to businesses, organizations and individuals as a leading worldwide archery distributor. We maintain our leadership through integrity, technical expertise, and a continuing focus on excellence in service to our customers. We promote archery with a passion in our efforts to facilitate the growth of the sport and our company while focusing on the highest quality in order to continuously improve our value to our customers, vendors and LAS team members.

THANK YOU for joining our growing circle of friends from all around the world. We know that you will find no finer source for all of your archery needs. Don't settle for anything less, EXCEL with us! Visit this website frequently for the latest news, specials, calendar of events and products. Take your best shot and give us a visit, call, or e-mail. You'll shoot better for it!