2020 Hoyt Torrex Compound Bow

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Introducing the 2020 Torrex, a bow built to get the job done. Designed for shoot ability, dependability, and affordability, the latest addition to the Hoyt line-up is packed with archery technology proven in their flagship systems.


  • Tec-Lite Riser foundation provides the strength and durability that earns the HOYT badge
  • High tolerance limb pockets join the riser with the split limb system for shot-to-shot accuracy
  • Powered by a new Cam & 1/2 the Torrex is balanced with smooth draw cycles, comfortable valley depth, and solid wall feel
  • Lock in accuracy with the X-Act Grip improving consistency in hand placement & pressure
  • Stealth Shot string suppression system reduces the range of dynamic brace height, increasing forgiveness and accuracy
  • Limb Shox dampers & Hole Shots string dampers reduces post shot vibration and noise
    • Advanced 3D Anchor Pulleys equalize the load of both yolks and  reduce wear in yolks end loops


    • Speed: 327 Fps
    • Axle-to-axle: 30 3/4″
    • Brace height: 7″
    • Mass weight: 3.8 Lbs
    • Draw Length: 26″-30″
    • Draw weight option: 40#, 50#, 60#, 70#
    • Color Options: Realtree Edge riser w/ black limbs, Blackout, Buckskin, Wilderness, Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition, & Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Edition

1 review for 2020 Hoyt Torrex Compound Bow

  1. Lee Harry

    Great starter bow
    Review by Lee H. on 1 Jan 2023review stating Great starter bowI’m a big guy, with an about 30” draw length. This bow was my first “serious” attempt at traditional archery hunting. I got mine the beginning of November and got to work. I notice some stacking at the back end but I’m drawing passed most guys. Noise was another factor. My 45# bow was loud as a bare bow with both the stock string and a custom d97.Read more about review stating Great starter bow I added yarn balls which helped, out on a slide on Selway, and that helped as well. I shoot a 650gr arrow, again it helps. I brought grace height to 8.25” and that helped too!

    Now I have the bow very quiet. Took some trial and error but I got it where I want it.

    I took my first trad deer with this bow this December. About 7 weeks after receiving it. I’ve been pleased with it, and will continue to shoot it as I upgrade my equipment, and add more bows to the rack.

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