Axcel LANDSLYDE Picatinny Slider Sight w/ AVX-31 Scope (.019″ Ranger Pins)

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  • Features the new Ranger Ring Pin, a cartridge that fits into the new AVX scope housing that has two aiming references/pins
  • Paired with the AVX-31 Scope and Ranger (Double) .019″ pins, the ruggedly constructed LANDSLYDE sight system is ready for the moment
  • AXCEL© Archery teamed up with Hoyt© Archery for this new Picatinny In-Line Sight Mounting System
  • Currently available with Hoyt©’s flagship hunting bows (RX-7, RX5, Ventum, and Ventum Pro)
  • The main reason for choosing a Picatinny In-Line sight mount is so that you can mount your sight to the front of your bow for better bow balance and free up the side of your bow for a quiver mount
  • In addition, the proven Picatinny mounting system that has been proven over decades of use in other industries to create a super strong and durable connection to the bow riser
  • Adjust the sight in or out to one of three positions to match the peep sight to the scope housing or up or down to one of three positions on the bow riser for enhanced elevation adjustments
  • While this system is very solid, it is also very functional! Adjustments with each Picatinny connection can be done with one screw and snugged down slightly with a hex key wrench for a little extra securityAxcel LANDSLYDE Picatinny Slider Sight with AVX-31 Scope
    • The AVX system offers a variety of components (some optional) to build out your perfect hunting scope
    • Rheostat Cover will allow for brightness control in varying lighting conditions
    • Torque Indicator aids in peep sight to scope alignment helping get you on target faster ready to execute a confident shot
    • Scope accepts a lens of your choice with the addition of the Lens Spacer & Lens Retainer (sold separately)
    • Light your Ring Pin through the newly designed T-Connector with 3/8″ x 32 threads for an additional light source
    • Add or remove the Level Blank to control light transmission within the scope body

1 review for Axcel LANDSLYDE Picatinny Slider Sight w/ AVX-31 Scope (.019″ Ranger Pins)

  1. sally k

    Great price will say archerysuply is the best

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