Bear Adapt The Hunting Public Compound Bow

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If you watch The Hunting Public then you know they are fans of Bear Archery, the new Bear Adapt Hunting Public Bow is the collaboration between them! With input and suggestions from the THP crew based on their thousands of hours of experience in the whitetail woods, this bow is built for bow hunters, by bow hunters. The Adapt has an impressive 80% let-off, while the limb stop technology creates a solid back wall, this makes for a great shoot experience and ideal repeatability. The solo cam design was selected specifically for its smoothness and ease of tuning. At only 3.9 lbs this bow is lightweight and perfect for when you have a long hike back to your hunting spot. Whether you’re hunting from a tree like Aaron and Greg, from the ground like Zach, or somewhere in the middle like Jake, this bow is a great option for any bow hunter!


  • Designed in collaboration with the entire Hunting Public crew, this smooth single-cam bow cycles back easily
  • Limb stop technology creates a solid back wall for ideal repeatability
  • Generous 32″ axle-to-axle length combined with a forgiving 6.5″ brace height add up to a bow that can be outfitted for any hunt in the stand, ground blind, spot-and-stalking, or from a saddle
  • BearPaw Comfort Grip is an ergonomic feature designed to mitigate torque and maximize bow hand repeatability in all-weather conditions
  • Split limbs utilize rubber dampers to reduce post-shot vibration and noise for quiet, and  comfortable shots
  • 80% Let-off cam produces holding weights that help keep you accurate in the toughest conditions and fires arrows at 320 fps downrange
  • The riser is available in Throwback Tan with Bear Camo limbs emblazoned with The Hunting Public logos   Specifications:
    • Axle-to-axle: 32″
    • Brace height: 6.5″
    • Speed: 320 fps
    • Weight:3.9 lbs.
    • Draw length: 24″-31″
    • Draw weight: 45-60 lbs. | 55-70 lbs.
    • Let-off: 80%

1 review for Bear Adapt The Hunting Public Compound Bow

  1. Braxton

    Great Shooter
    stating Great ShooterAfter going through 5 different bows in the last year I just wasn’t satisfied. The last bow I had I was barely confident shooting out to 30 yards because of the grip design and the weight of the bow. I’m at home shooting 50 yards confidently now. Smooth draw cycle, and super quiet after 2 monkey tails. I got just under $1000.00 into the bow so farRead more about review stating Great Shooter and I could have spent less but I’m so glad I didn’t. The only ready it’s not receiving a 5 star is because of the strings used. Under my serving you can feel the string itself was twisted more. Which caused a lot of headache with peep twist. It’s getting better but still only one complaint! You can’t beat the price of this thing!

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