CBE AXIS Compound Target Sight

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We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest target sight platform from Custom Bow Equipment. The new dovetail extension is extremely reliable and securely locked onto the riser with a mount that fully encases the carbon bar for maximum stiffness and safety. The second-axis adjustment is independent, which enables the vertical bar’s elevation changes without affecting the second-axis setting. With the Rapid Drive adjustment and elevation lock, the sight setting remains constant, and elevation adjustments can be made quickly, making it perfect for Field & 3D courses. Additionally, the fine .002″ per click elevation and windage adjustments make it a top choice for podium-worthy performances.

  • Carbon Fiber Extension with locking detent for repeatable dovetail placement
  • Vertical sliding carbon bar mount is separate from 2nd axis adjustment, this allows infinite initial elevation setup and precise 2nd axis tuning
  • Detachable scope tube mount for packing the sight for travel
  • The scope tube locator collar insures the same position installation every time
    • Metal sight scales may be mounted on both sides of the elevation bar for multiple arrow setups
    • Rapid travel button with elevation lock
    • elevation tension adjustability
    • .002″ per click windage and elevation travel
    • The scope barrel features a .438″ outside diameter
    • Scale magnifier that mounts to micro indicator
    • Best-in-class micro-adjustable pin indicator for precise sight-ins and tape set-ups


    • Dexterity: LH and RH
    • Construction: Carbon Bar
    • Mount Style: Dovetail Bar and Bracket
    • 2nd & 3rd Axis: yes
    • Rapid Travel: yes
    • Micro-Adjust: yes

1 review for CBE AXIS Compound Target Sight

  1. Randy B

    Sight seems solid. Appears to be well built. Have not tested it yet but like many of the features on it

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