Clear Targets Doc’s Choice Hybrid Drill Custom Crizal Lens

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Doc’s Choice Lens is developed by Essilor with the Crizal 9-Step finish. It allows you to see a sharp clear target with no distortions, no reflections, shatterproof, no glare, oil & water repellant, and fingerprint resistant lens. Optometric physician Ricky Ferguson has each Clear Target® lens precisely cut out of his own optical lab. He wanted to have a superior archery scope lens that would stay clear and distortion free. He chose the Crizal Lens by Essilor because of its durability and clarity. It is guaranteed to have a true optical center that prevents distortions, is trouble-free and always ready!


  • Anti-Reflective coating for harsh lighting conditions
  • Anti-Static: repels dirt, dust, and lint
  • Hydrophobic: repels water and oil (such as those from fingerprints)
  • Scratch Resistant: Silica layer for extra protection
  • Lens shape: (plano-concave, plano-convex, other)
  • Available magnifications:0X, 2x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x
  • Available diameters:.019, .029, .040, .060, .078, .100
  • Coatings: Crizal®

1 review for Clear Targets Doc’s Choice Hybrid Drill Custom Crizal Lens

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    item received very happy customer

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