Code Blue Rope-A-Dope Scrape Kit

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  • Bucks will deposit scent from their glands on low-hanging limbs by vigorously licking and rubbing to mark their territory with an unmistakable aroma
  • Helps amplify the action on your mock scrape
  • The ultimate in forehead gland and preorbital scent for stimulating rub activity
  • Special gel formulation is long lasting and provides smooth even coverage on the included rope to help bring bucks into shooting lanes or in front of your Moultrie” camera
  • Attach rope to a licking branch over an existing or mock scrape using included zip tie
  • Generously brush Rack Rub™ onto the rope
  • For added intensity during the rut, add a bottle of Code Blue Doe Estrous to the scrape
  • Use all season
    • Weather resistant cotton synthetic blend rope
    • 36″ x 1″
    • Rack Rub Gel 2 oz

1 review for Code Blue Rope-A-Dope Scrape Kit

  1. sandra

    great 5 star

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