Coop’s Bowsmith Spine Tester Pro

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  • Take your arrow building to the next level with this advanced spine tester perfect for any archer or Pro Shop
  • Index your arrows so the spine is on top of the shaft for better consistency and flight
  • Allows you to tune your arrows so each one flies the same
  • Uses spring tension over dead weight for more consistent and accurate readings
  • Makes for easier readings on your shaft
  • Allows you to tune your broadheads with a built-in arrow spinner
  • Now with added Broadhead point target for broadhead tuning

2 reviews for Coop’s Bowsmith Spine Tester Pro

  1. Joseph C.

    Finnicky but does the job
    Finnicky but does the jobI am indeed able to find spine locations and runout with this tool but the gauge is somewhat irrelevant; the needle is inconsistent as to any zero point. But I can see the changes, which is what’s important.

  2. Larry M.

    spine tester
    spine testerVery happy with it but do wish it was longer to allow the 28″ spine testing with a weight

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