Darton Sequel 33 Compound Hunting Bow

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The all-new Sequel 33 was designed from the ground up. It is hard to describe the smoothness, comfort, and performance of the Sequel 33. Complete with an all new forged 7075 T6 riser. The redesigned riser brings a look to Darton never seen before and is sure to silence the harshest critics. The new BBS Cam was designed for smoothness, comfort and speed and that is exactly what it delivers. This will be “the smoothest drawing bow you have never heard” because it is whisper quiet. Darton’s all new .870 limbs and limb pockets add stability, speed, and an incredible feel to this new Darton compound hunting bow.

  • 1/4″ Axles
  • 5/8″ Bearings
  • .870 Limbs and Limb Pockets (Add Stability)
  • QAD Integrated rest Mount
  • The Darton Grip Angle
  • Roller Guard
  • New Yoke System
  • Rotating MOD



  • All risers and limbs are 100% ultra durable powdercoat
  • 7075 T-6511 Pre-Stressed Forged
  • 7075 BBS Dual Sync CamsSpecifications:
    • Axle-to-Axle: 33”
    • Brace Height: 6-1/4”
    • Speed: 335 FPS
    • Weight: 4.65 lbs
    • Draw Weight: 40-50, 50-60, 60-70 lbs
    • Draw Length: 25-1/2” – 31”
    • Let-off: 80% – 87%
    • Dexterity: LH and RH
    • Construction: 7075 Aluminum Riser and Cams
      • Cams System: BBS Dual Sync Cams

      Available Finishes:

      • Black Riser w/Black Limbs
      • Desert Tan w/Black Limbs
      • Flat Dark Earth w/Black Limbs
      • Grey w/Black Limbs
      • Kings XK7 Camo
      • Kings XK7 w/Black Limbs
      • OD Green w/Black Limbs
      • Ursi Emerge 2.0 Camo
      • Ursi Emerge 2.0 Camo w/Black Limbs

1 review for Darton Sequel 33 Compound Hunting Bow

  1. Cajun

    Bow Hunter
    Bow Hunter Purchased 2 months ago brand new completely satisfied. Set at 65lbs 29in draw and shooting 296 fps. Very accurate from 20 to 60 yds. Excellent Bow.

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