E.W. Bateman Bubba Tab 4 Barebow Finger Tab (BUBTC3)

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• The new “BT 4” model with marked aluminum top allows for precision tab alignment for string walking.
• The aluminum top section fits right hand or left handed tabs and is attached to tab face and back with 2 post screws.
• The rubber finger loop has a barrel lock for adjustment.

Using new Bubba Tab 4 to set up for different distance shots
• Place the tabs aluminum concave edge against string with the top corner touching the bottom of the nock set.
• Use laser marks to determine shot distant location on string.
• Place thumb nail on string serving to mark.
• Then move tab down so top corner of plate meets your mark.
• This sets tab position for your chosen distance.

2 reviews for E.W. Bateman Bubba Tab 4 Barebow Finger Tab (BUBTC3)

  1. Tyler M

    Ive bought a few 3 under finger tabs: Yost, black widow, & AAE. Those are all good, but for my hand and face the Batemen is a perfect fit. I have round kind of baby face nothing angular whatsever if that makes sense. But anyways the Bubba 4 is smaller than the previous tabs Ive used and the compactness helps.

    Also the one I recived iRead more about review stating Ive bought a few 3s anodised in black with white print. Which I prefer over the silver

  2. Geoff

    Received in short time all the way to NZ.
    Usual excellent service from archerysuply.
    Tab is great, clean release and clear markings. Will purchase a spare one of these. Thanks.

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