Easton 4mm Axis Long Range Arrow Shafts

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Easton’s renowned AXIS lineup is getting a solid new addition with the 4mm Long Range. This arrow is perfect for any archer looking to shoot long-range or a high F.O.C. setup. This micro diameter shaft comes with a 50-grain aluminum half out that allows this arrow to use 5/16” diameter field points. The smaller diameter helps reduce drag in flight, decreases wind drift, and optimizes front-of-center for better penetration, especially at long distances.


  • Perfect for long-range or high F.O.C. setups
  • Precise two-point interface with shaft increases strength
  • 1/16″ +/- shaft engagement under half out
  • Spine specific construction allows for the tightest tolerance between components
    • Compatible with Easton 4MM Titanium Half-Out #2070807
    • Uses 5/16″ diameter field point
    • Made in the USA


    • 4mm Micro Diameter
    • Straightness: +/- .003″
    • Construction: ACU-Carbon Fiber
    • Finish: Non-Reflective Black AnodizedIncludes:
      • 8/32’ Easton 4mm Half-Out (aluminum) inserts (50 Grains)
      • Pre-installed 4 mm Microlite Nocks (6 Grains)

      Available Spines (Weight):

      • 250 (9.8 gpi)
      • 300 (9.3 gpi)
      • 340 (8.3 gpi)
      • 400 (7.4 gpi)

2 reviews for Easton 4mm Axis Long Range Arrow Shafts

  1. Dillon T.

    Best of the best
    Best of the bestGreat feel and great flight. Solid all way round.

  2. Nicholas F.

    These are good.
    These are good.These arrows are super cool, but I actually lost speed due to having a larger point to match up to the half out. When I ran 100 grain point I was 100 grains lighter than my 5mm Axis(not what I was aiming for,) and still not able to keep up with my old arrows. I would recommend not running a half out, and leaving a little more shaft to make up for Read more about review stating These are good.the loss of insert weight.

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