Easton 5mm FMJ Autumn Orange Shafts

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Celebrating Easton’s 100 years in archery!

  • 5mm small-diameter carbon core with 7075-alloy metal jacket FMJ construction
  • 5mm HIT 8-32 inserts included (16 gr)
  • Easy target pull and maximum penetration
  • Easy to find orange anodized finish
  • Straightness +/- .oo1″
  • Pre-installed 5 mm X Nocks (9 gr)
  • Made in the USA

2 reviews for Easton 5mm FMJ Autumn Orange Shafts

  1. Alan C.

    Unbelievably great!!!
    Unbelievably great!!!Unbelievably great!!!

  2. Robert J

    Easton 5mm FMJ
    Easton 5mm FMJGreat energy and group really well!

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