Easton Carbon Legacy Arrow Shafts

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  • Realistic woodgrain traditional finish and carbon fiber construction
  • Hi-visibility hand-dipped white back end paint
  • Pre-installed Easton White 6.5MM 3D Super Nocks (13 gr)
  • Easton .244″ Aluminum Inserts (1031924)
  • Straightness: .005″
  • Inside diameter: .244″
  • Weight: 340 spine 10.1 gpi | 400 spine 9.3 gpi | 500 spine 8.3 gpi | 600 spine 7.5 gpi | 700 spine 7.1 gpi

1 review for Easton Carbon Legacy Arrow Shafts

  1. Neigyl N.

    Good arrows, service was off.
    Good arrows, service was off.This is my second batch of these arrows. I think they look great, shoot well, and hold up just as good as you would expect from Easton.
    I ordered them cut to 72cm because that was exactly the right length I had with my other arrows, but Lancaster cut them to 73.5. I’m not sure if it was a mistake or a guess because they expected inches, but IRead more about review stating Good arrows, service was off. had to have them cut a little shorter once I got them.
    Other than that, I would say these will work just fine for recreational arrows.

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