Galaxy Bullseye 54″ Takedown Recurve Bow Package

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This bow package from Galaxy Archery includes everything you need to get started in archery!


  • Riser is cut past center with a crowned arrow shelf
  • Brass plunger, stabilizer, and sight/quiver bushings
  • Phenolic reinforced limb tips
  • Recommended Brace Height: 6.25-7.25″
  • Limb weights are measured at a 24″ draw length
  • Limb Construction: White Fiberglass
  • Riser Construction: High-Quality Laminated Wood
  • Riser Length: 19″
    • Total Length: 54”

    Package includes:

    • Galaxy Bullseye Takedown Bow
    • Bowstring
    • Bender No Glove Finger Protectors
    • Saber Two Hole Rest
    • Cartel Camper Sight
    • Quiver
    • Armguard
    • Bow Stringer
    • Fiberglass Youth Arrow 29″ (uses Easton Scout Components)
    • Maple Leaf FT-60cm Target 5 Color
    • Cartel Soft Recurve Case-Black
    • Saunders Nok Point Brass Nocking Points

1 review for Galaxy Bullseye 54″ Takedown Recurve Bow Package

  1. Eric

    good bow , received my order on time

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