Gillo GQ 25″ M ILF Recurve Riser

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  • Designed for Olympic and barebow archers
  • Length: 25″
  • Limb Pocket Style: ILF
  • Construction: Machined aluminum
  • Clicker Extension: yes
  • Weight: 2.82 lbs (1280 g)
  • Dexterity: LH/RH
  • 7075 lateral limb adjustment plates
  • Special round seats for optional balancing weights
  • Plastic or 3D printed G3-YG Medium profile advanced grip
  • Accepts 3 front and 2 back stabilizers
  • Front center stabilizer Stainless Steel bushing 1mm off from the axis for perfect balance
  • Includes long clicker plate, manual, warranty card, and 5 Allen wrenches

1 review for Gillo GQ 25″ M ILF Recurve Riser

  1. Elizabeth

    Prompt delivery , good price and good customer service .

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