Hot Shot The Hook Up Thumb Release

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The Hook Up is designed for those who understand how important a quality release can be while spot and stalk hunting or judging the distance to the 40th 3-D target of the day. Hundreds of hours have gone into designing this release to be just as comfortable on the last shot of the day as the first.


  • Open hook design gives quick hookup but still providing a torque free D-loop release
  • Proprietary seer polishing and honing method ensures a silky-smooth and ultra-crisp trigger
  • Multi-Axis thumb barrel rotation ensures unlimited adjustment for perfect fit in your hand
  • Perfect seer alignment, thanks to our exclusive 2-Thirds case design
  • Additional surface area at the fingers reduces finger fatigue, even after hours of shooting
  • Activation style: Thumb button
  • Number of fingers: 2 Finger, 3 Finger and 4 Finger Available
  • Adjustable tension: yes
  • Adjustable travel: yes
  • Micro-adjustable: yes

1 review for Hot Shot The Hook Up Thumb Release

  1. Jacob

    Great release it’s comfortable and easy to adjust.

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