Mathews TITLE 36″ Compound Bow w/ Black Limbs

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In collaboration with the best target archers in the world and years of manufacturing experience and R&D, Mathews Inc. is introducing the utterly refined target archery system- the TITLE. The fruits of the uncompromising standards developed a system aimed at being the most stable, repeatable, and accurate target compound bow on the market.

  • The Switchweight Target Cam (SWT) delivers maximum efficiency and an ultra-smooth draw cycle
  • SWT Cam offers a solid, locked-in feel at full draw which results in unrivaled repeatability on the range
  • Mathews’ patented Perimeter Weight Technology features a brass inertia disc strategically placed within the cam, providing a perfect post-shot feel
  • Built compatible with revolutionary Switchweight Mods which are specifically optimized at each draw length, draw weight, and let-off to maximize performance for every archer
  • The TITLE features new top-mounted axles for a wider, shorter limb profile that maximizes the working surface area of the limbs for increased stability and efficiency
  • Pair that top-mounted axle with proven RDP, the Resistance Phase Damping technology tackles vibration at the source
  • The new limb design results in a consistent, ultra-smooth shooting experience unlike any other target bow
  • Anchor Weight optimizes the center of gravity of the TITLE by focusing the weight below the grip
  • Made from eight ounces of solid brass the removable weight provides a more balanced and stable hold while enhancing the post-shot feel
  • MATCH Bowstrings are Mathews premium factory string sets built with a proprietary blend of BCY ultra-low wax 452X fiber and come installed already pre-conditioned to eliminate stretch, peep rotation, serving separation, and any additional time in a bow press
    • Bridge-Lock technology continues to grow and integrate sight and stabilizer systems into the complete design of the platform
    • Utilize Bridge-lock-compatible target sights (sold separately) to eliminate mounting blocks moving more accessory weight into the target plane and increase the stiffness of the system
      Bridge-Lock Carbon Target Bars (sold separately) complement the TITLE and redefine what can be expected of a target stabilizer
    • The integrated machined carbon bar is up to 48% more rigid than other premium target bars
    • A skeletonized frame decreases crosswind drag up to 36% over bars of the same length stiffness, while the proprietary adjustment system for micro tuning allows for ½” length increments


    • Axle-to-Axle: 36″
    • Brace Height: 6.5″
    • Let-Off: 70,75, or 80%
    • IBO Speed: 333 fps
    • Mass Weight: 4.49 lbs
    • Draw Length: 25″ – 30.5″
    • Max Draw Weight: 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 lbs
    • Cam: SWT Cam with Perimeter Weight
    • Dexterity: RH or LH
    • Limb Color: Black

1 review for Mathews TITLE 36″ Compound Bow w/ Black Limbs

  1. Potia

    FantasticQuite a lot of fun for a complete newbie. Highly recommended! Would suggest the larger size if you are an adult.

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