Muddy Prevue 3 Ground Blind

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The Prevue 3 is an impressive 3 man ground blind from Muddy Outdoors. The 2 full one-way see-through mesh windows offer a great amount of visibility without having to expose yourself to game. The silent sliders allow for quick and silent window adjustments on the fly when things are happening quickly! At only 13.9 lbs, the Prevue 3 is a great lightweight option for a 3 person ground blind!
  • Capacity: 3 Person
  • 2 Full-Width Panoramic Windows with One-Way See-Through Mesh
  • 1 Full-Width Panoramic Windows with Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Window System: Silent Slider
  • Footprint: 58” x 58”
  • Shooting Width: 73” x 73”
  • Door: Zippered
  • Shell Fabric: Water-Resistant
  • Fabric Camo: Epic Camo

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