TenPoint Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System (Red)

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  • The Alpha-Brite lighted nock system is the next step forward in lighted nock technology
  • It starts with the nock receiver glued into the nock end of the bolt making sure its properly indexed with the vanes
  • The LED unit follows with its small retainer band
  • Completing the system is the translucent Alpha-Brite nock seating into the receiver
  • Sold as a 3-pack

Package includes:

  • Translucent Alpha-Nocks
  • LED units
  • Nock receivers ( for Bolts with Inside diameter .297, .300, .305)
  • A nock receiver and alignment tool
  • A refletching tool

1 review for TenPoint Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System (Red)

  1. Amanda

    Great love this

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