UltraView UltraGrip for Hoyt Hunting Bows

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  • Do your hands get cold when you’re hunting? The team at UIltraView have a solution for you
  • This grip is manufactured from a high-quality composite material that stays warm to the touch
  • If you look close, on the surface of the grip you can see the actual fibers in the material that help inhibit the heat transfer
  • Do you struggle with holding steady? This grip features a flat back that helps mitigate bow hand torque and yields a more steady hold
  • It also has an additional 5º angle which has also been proven to help steady your hold by relaxing the muscles in your bow arm at full draw
  • Does your hand slip on your grip? The honeycomb texture on the face of the grip provides the perfect amount of texture ensuring your hand never slips again

      Notes About Installation 

  • The grip does not come with double sticky tape or adhesive
  • If you use any form of adhesive the grip will be extremely hard to remove
    • If the grip fits a little loose to the riser, thicken up the grip section of the riser using electrical tape or duct tape until the grip fits snugly onto the bow
    • This allows for a secure fit and you can still remove the grip from the bow if you wish
    • Bows this grip fits on – All (compound) Hoyt Hunting bows made after 2006


    • Rx-3 | Rx-5: will accommodate 2021 Rx-5, Rx-5 Ultra, 2021 Rx-4 Turbo, 2020 Rx-4 Ultra, 2020 Rx-4 Alpha, 2019 Rx-3, 2019 Rx-3 Ultra, & 2019 Rx-3 Turbo
    • Rx1 & Previous: Will accommodate the 2018 Rx-1, Rx-1 Ultra, 2018 Rx-1 Turbo, and any Aluminum Hoyt Hunting bow made 2018 and earlier
    • For full compatibility see the chart in the manufacturer resources 

1 review for UltraView UltraGrip for Hoyt Hunting Bows

  1. Tyler M.

    I’ve always used the Ultraview
    I’ve always used the UltraviewI’ve always used the Ultraview grips on my Mathew’s bows. I decided to get this for my Hoyt Ventum Pro 30 as well. Fit feels perfect in the hand.

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