Victory RIP SS Elite Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)

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The RIP SS™ is the pinnacle of hunting arrow technology, a bone-crushing, small-diameter shaft with stainless steel layers infused into a 90° carbon fiber weave. The RIP SS™ is lighter and faster than its predecessor, the Xtorsion™. With higher FOC and the same sledgehammering momentum, this shaft will punch through anything in its path and will stay straight shot after shot.


  • Archery style: Hunting
  • Construction: Advanced 3K Carbon Weave
  • Outside diameter: 0.277” (250), 0.272” (300), 0.267” (350), 0.263” (400)
  • Inside diameter: 0.204”
  • Straightness: +/- .001″
    • Weight tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains (per dozen)
    • Fletching: Hand fletched for optimum vane adhesion and alignment
    • Components included: SHOK TL204 AI Insert (50 grains), AAE Nock .204 (9 grains)
    • Sold quantity: 6 pack

    Available Spine Size (Weight):

    • 250 (11.7 gpi)
    • 300 (10.7 gpi)
    • 350 (9.9 gpi)
    • 400 (9.6 gpi)

2 reviews for Victory RIP SS Elite Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)

  1. cody j

    Great!Shoots really good my bow and broad heads like it

  2. Michael S

    Great vendor, great arrows
    Great vendor, great arrowsLancaster is always top notch on service and builds a good arrow. Victory rip SS are top quality and spin great.

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