Victory RIP SS Elite Shafts

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The RIP SS™ is the pinnacle of hunting arrow technology, a bone-crushing, small-diameter shaft with stainless steel layers infused into a 90° carbon fiber weave. The RIP SS™ is lighter and faster than its predecessor, the Xtorsion™. With higher FOC and the same sledgehammering momentum, this shaft will punch through anything in its path and will stay straight shot after shot.


  • Construction: Advanced 3K Carbon Weave
  • Outside diameter: 0.277” (250), 0.272” (300), 0.267” (350), 0.263” (400)
  • Inside diameter: 0.204”
  • Straightness: +/- .001″
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains (per dozen)

2 reviews for Victory RIP SS Elite Shafts

  1. Young V

    I have already expressed my opinion regarding this product. More than six months have passed since the purchase. So: the arrows maintain excellent straightness, are resistant to shock loads, have excellent balance and have a durable wear-resistant coating. In my opinion, one of the best (if not the best) arrows on the market. Thank you!


    BESTThis is my first experience with this brand of arrows. Previously (for hunting and sports) used for a long time “BLACK EAGLE”. So:
    1. Appearance is beyond praise
    2.Tolerance is great
    3. Flight qualities are super. I use an outsert 75 gran.
    4. Convenience marking the spine
    My arrows: 250, 0.001
    The main thing ahead is how thRead more about review stating BESTey will show themselves during operation)))

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