Victory RIP TKO Gamer V3 Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)

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  • Advanced 3K carbon weave produces less torque for faster recovery and better spine consistency
  • Every arrow is digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy
  • Small diameter arrow increases arrow speed and penetration with less wind drift
  • 100% high modulus carbon is super consistent and durable
  • Nano Ceramic Coating improves penetration and allows for easy arrow removal
  • Increased speed, penetration, and energy
  • Straightness tolerance: +/- .003″
  • Shafts include AAE IP Nock #5 and RIP Shok Taper Lock (.204) Insert
  • Factory fletched with Q2i 2” Raptor-X VaneAvailable Spines:
    • 250 (8.9 gpi)
    • 300 (8.8 gpi)
    • 350 (8.7 gpi)
    • 400 (9.0 gpi)

1 review for Victory RIP TKO Gamer V3 Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)

  1. Great vendor

    archerysuply is always top notch on service and builds a good arrow. Victory rip SS are top quality and spin great.

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