Victory VAP VooDoo Universal Crossbow Arrow (6-Pack)

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  • Archery style: Hunting
  • Victory’s revolutionary micro diameter construction coupled with Rail Rider technology allows it to be shot from virtually any crossbow with a conventional rail, and its weight forward design meant it could punch through anything in its path
  • Ice Nano Ceramic coating along the carbon improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets
  • Construction: High Modulus Carbon
  • Outside diameter: 0.238”
  • Inside diameter: 0.166”
  • Straightness: +/-.003”
  • Weight tolerance: +/-0.5 grains
  • Fletching: High-profile 6-degree helical vanes
  • Components included: SHOK TL Broadhead Adaptor (50 grains), Flat and Moon Nocks

2 reviews for Victory VAP VooDoo Universal Crossbow Arrow (6-Pack)

  1. Robert N.

    Awesome Bolts
    Awesome BoltsI bought these bolts for my boys crossbow (barnett whitetail hubter str). Shot several bolts in the past few years and all tore horrible thru paper. Bought 6 of these, put field points on them and shot thru paper. Slight low tear, nothing too concerning. As far as flight goes they fly 100% true and my boy is shooting 1.5” group at 60 yards. I woulRead more about review stating Awesome Boltsd recommend these bolts to anyone and i wont ever waste my money on any other bolt.

  2. Donald R.

    fast accurate hard hitting two targets to stop these bolts

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