Wicked Ridge Blackhawk XT Crossbow Package (ACU50)

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The most affordable American Made crossbow on the market that offers a built-in manual cocking device! Shooting up to 380 feet per second, the Blackhawk XT represents the best value on the market for a built in the USA crossbow. The Blackhawk’s narrow, 175-pound bow assembly is built for success in tight hunting situations and consists of a lightweight riser and machined aluminum limb pockets fitted with 11” WRX laminated limbs. Powered by heavy-duty machined 5S Cams and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables, the Blackhawk measures a narrow 15 inches wide and drives arrows down range up to 380 feet per second. The integrated ACU50 Cocking device ensures that you ALWAYS have your cocking aid with the bow, as it is built INTO the bow. The ACU50 cocking rope is easily deployed to cock the bow, and then once cocking is complete, it automatically retracts and is stored conveniently in the stock of the bow. The included Ready to hunt package includes the ACU50 Cocking Device, Multi-Line Scope, Quiver, and 3 Match 400 Carbon Arrows.


  • Speed: 380 fps
    • Width: 15”
    • Most affordable American Made Crossbow with Built In Crank Cocking
    • DynaFlight 97 Strings
    • AC50 for easy cocking

    Ready to hunt package includes:

    • ACUdraw 50
    • Multi-Line Scope
    • Quiver3
    • Match 400 Carbon Arrows

1 review for Wicked Ridge Blackhawk XT Crossbow Package (ACU50)

  1. Jason

    Excelleent Service
    Excelleent ServiceGreat service from Lancaster, they assembled my crossbow shipped internationally and even gave me a shipping discount for shipping in the case. The support team are available on the chat for any questions. 5 star service from Lancaster while also having the best prices on most items.

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