B3 BTPRO (Brass Cerakote)

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The BTPRO is one of B3’s most advanced releases to date. Featuring their micro-adjustable sear system, travel is easily adjusted with a hex key. Constructed of solid brass, the release offers great weight and balance for a smooth rotation. The BTPRO features a new geometry for leverage that is built in for shot-to-shot repeatability. The auto-return hook allows for shorter reset times between shots, keeping you in the zone.


  • Activation style: back tension
  • Number of fingers: 3 or 4
  • Construction: Brass
  • Adjustable travel: yes
  • Micro-adjustable: yes
  • Available color: Cerakote
  • 4 sears included
  • Adjustable handle
  • Knub and pinky included
  • Patented micro-adjust sear system
  • Auto hook return with no rubber bands

1 review for B3 BTPRO (Brass Cerakote)

  1. Jim G

    perfect for me . First, for those that color is paramount this release aid is more of a light gray than the white it appears in the photos here.
    Now that that is out of the way this is a fantastic back tension release aid. Release aids are very personal as with most anything archery. The BT Pro (Brass Cerakote) feels like it was made specifically for me. I’m Read more about review stating Perfect fit for me! B3 hit this out of the park and off of the planet!5’-10”, 175 lbs., fairly fit and wear medium to large gloves if that helps. Strangely it feels a little small when just holding it but when put to use it sits exactly where and how I want it to. Very comfortable with no hot spots like some others I’ve tried that dig into the top of my pinky which I keep tucked behind my release aid.
    I love the micro tune adjustability that makes it easy to really get it dialed in to fire in the perfect position of my shot process.
    The weight is just right, heavy enough to feel substantial but not clunky.

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