Bear Razorhead Variable Weight System Double Bevel Broadhead Kit (150gr-250gr)

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Bear Archery has brought back their iconic Razorhead broadhead! Based on the original design by Fred Bear, Bear Archery has implemented the all-new VWS(Variable Weight System) that allows you to experiment and fine-tune your broadhead weight without having to buy multiple sets of broadheads. The kit comes with 3 standard broadheads that weigh 150gr by themselves, you can then choose one of 3 included insert sets. The magnesium inserts will make a 175gr head, the aluminum inserts will make a 200gr head, and the stainless-steel inserts will make a 250gr head. The broadheads themselves can be glued onto wooden or swedge arrow shafts whereas the inserts are designed to fit both aluminum and carbon arrow shafts. The kit comes with 3 150gr field points that are mounted the same way the broadheads are, allowing you to practice more with your exact weight set up. The Double Bevel design allows for the maximum possible cutting surface!
  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Bevel: Double
  • Cut Diameter: 1 ⅛”
  • Blade Thickness: .050”
  • Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Weight: 150gr Base (175gr, 200gr, or 250gr Optional w/Inserts)
  • Quantity Sold: 3
  • Includes 3 150gr Field Points

2 reviews for Bear Razorhead Variable Weight System Double Bevel Broadhead Kit (150gr-250gr)

  1. Greg S

    Sharpness Broadheads must be sharpened before hunting.
    I really like the variable weight system!

  2. Stephen C

    Nice, 2nd only to single bevel
    Nice, 2nd only to single bevelI use the 250gn for the penetration but it is nice to have options. Once the single bevel come in stock I will get them for hunting and use these for practice. As it is I only sharpen ONE side – the other side is painted to keep me straight and the straight (no curve like Masi) are easy to sharpen. There aren’t many arrows like this available but Read more about review stating Nice, 2nd only to single bevelthese have worked well.

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