BearPaw Blackfoot 66″ Longbow

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The Blackfoot is a powerful longbow which can be safely used in all tournaments and championships under longbow class rules. For the riser we have used a really great combination of dark Actionwood and Bubinga. For the Blackfoot, this mix of materials is perfect for providing the ideal combination of weight and stability while at the same time maintaining attractive aesthetics and minimizing hand shock.



  • Length: 66 inches
  • Brace Height: 7″
    • Draw Weight: 20 – 50 lbs (in 5 lb increments)
    • Dexterity: LH and RH


    • Riser: Actionwood, Maple, Ash, Padouk
    • Limbs: Maple with clear clearglas
    • Tips: Micarta
    • Grip: Locator
    • String: Whisper String

1 review for BearPaw Blackfoot 66″ Longbow

  1. Dylan

    Awesome Bow!! stating Awesome Bow!!Absolutely love this bow. You get one heck of a bow for its price. It is fairly quiet for being a mid price bow and shoots fairly fast. Don’t get me wrong, this is no speed demon, but it isn’t slow either. It has a smooth draw cycle and has a nice valley at the end. The only thing that I don’t like about this bow is it’s back wall. It has a prettyRead more about review stating Awesome Bow!! spongy back wall which I am not a fan of, but some people like that. The grip is pretty nice and it is a fairly light bow. I am a whitetail guy and appreciate the 85% let off. Would definitely recommend this bow!!

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