Fairweather Archery Acetal Plates Set Finger Tab (SM-LG)

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  • Premium high strength acetal tab frame
  • Features new and improved smoother finish
  • 3 layer kangaroo leather sandwiched between the frame and spacer
  • New removable shelf plate gives the option of shooting with or without to best suit you shooting form
  • Metal Pro shelf plate upgrade is available separately
  • No straps, toggles, ties or elastic to mess with or replace

2 reviews for Fairweather Archery Acetal Plates Set Finger Tab (SM-LG)

  1. John S

    The Fairweather Tab is constructed of two dense plastic plates and three layers of leather. The layers are equal thickness, instead of the usual one thick and one thin. All three seem to be the same material which is listed as kangaroo hide.
    The most interesting feature is the molded finger spacer and ring which is sized to your exact finger Read more about review stating Great Tab for Split finger Recurvesize. I followed the instructions for sizing on the Fairweather website, and it fit perfectly. It’s very easy to slip on and off, yet shoots like it’s part of my hand.
    After about 500 shots, I could easily see where I needed to trim it. It definitely needed trimming in the nock area, and then I did my usual trim for finger length. The thinner layers were easy to trim. At first they seemed a little too thin, but with 3 layers it feels like any other Tab I have shot. We will see how long it lasts.

    There is also a three finger under version for Barebow shooters

  2. Eric L

    Very happy with the Fairweather tab! Highly recommend this tab.

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