Hoyt Axia Syntactic Formula Carbon/Foam Limbs

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Axia syntactic foam and resin infused core limbs achieve faster and more consistent thermal adjustment to the environment through a combination of materials and finish.

  • Axia Syntactic Foam Core limbs, from the originators of Foam Core Limbs
  • Ultimate shot consistency and shot after shot performance
  • Syntactic Foam Core produces a powerful feeling shot, with high-action feedback compared to wood core limbs.
  • 8-layer carbon limb design increases strength and maintains the preferred flex profile
  • Wedge Design works in tandem with foam core and carbon construction to provide stability and smoothness
  • Construction: 8 Layers of Carbon with Syntactic Foam Cores
  • Delrin inlaid fork pads decrease limb bolt friction, noise, and limb wear.
  • Draw weights: 22lb, 24lb, 26lb, 28lb, 30lb, 32lb, 34lb, 36lb, 38lb, 40lb, 42lb, 44lb, 46lb, 48lb, 50lb
  • Available lengths: Short, Medium, and Long

1 review for Hoyt Axia Syntactic Formula Carbon/Foam Limbs

  1. Marry

    i recommend this company they are 100% trusted thank you guys

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