Hoyt Formula XD 25″ Target Recurve Riser

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  • Longest sight window in a Hoyt Formula series riser allows for a more open and unobstructed sight picture, when you bow is set-up in an indoor configuration
  • Lower shifted grip position improves the consistency of the archers hand placement in both the pivot point and pressure point
  • New grip position also reduces variation in nock travel
  • Hoyt’s Dynamic Balance System increases stability during the draw cycle and especially during the release of the string
  • Features the Perfect Balance Weight System (PBWS) and includes 2 1oz weights machined for a precise fit in cutouts in top or bottom limb pockets
  • When placing two 1oz weights in the bottom limb pocket, the riser balances perfectly at the throat of the grip
  • Dynamic Flex Control is the foundation for every Hoyt recurve riser design. DFC is controlling the IN and OUT of Plane flex on both top and bottom of the riser
  • Includes Hoyt’s Verta-Tune Clicker Plate Extension
    • 360 Dampers are located in both the top and bottom pockets of the limbs. Which is the optimized location to dampen vibration
    • Newly re-designed brass inserts reduce high friction contact points within the Pro Series dovetail block eliminating any unwanted noise, clicking, or vibration during the draw cycle
    • String Tension Technology System gives archers a highly customized feel without changing their tune, poundage or limbs
    • Shibuya Ultima rest plate available (sold separately)


    • All new colors
    • Limb pocket style: Formula
    • Lateral limb adjustment: Yes
    • Clicker extension: Yes (Verta-Tune Clicker Plate)
    • Length: 25”
    • Weight: 2.76 lbs (1251 g)
    • Dexterity: LH and RH
    • Finish: Durable Cerakote

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    They provided me with express delivery , am happy thank yoy guys

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